At Alamance Eye Prosthetics, we care the comfort and quality of our service, Our techniques based on Modified Impression Method developed by Mr. Lee Allen at the University of Iowa of whom I respect and honored to be one of his apprenticeship 30 years ago.

How long will the Prosthesis last?

Acrylic plastic (methyl methacrylate resin) has intermolecular spaces large enough for passage of water molecules. While the plastic eye is being bathed in the tear film, it takes up water very slowly. The water moves continually through the plastic carrying with it minutes quantities of substances with small enough molecules to pass through spaces. Very good evidence indicated that proteins collect in the plastic and that these cause irritation in the eye socket. For some persons, polishing or even refitting will not make such eye comfortable.

The correction of this problem is simply to fit a new eye made of new plastic. We recommend replacement 6 to 7 years, for some last less. Diabetics have a greater amount of acetone in their system which effect plastics and require replacement earlier