We recommend that the eye be polished annually or as needed. This also affords us the opportunity to check the eye socket and judge whether the prosthesis is still fitting the tissue properly. Do not allow a dentist to re-polish the eye. Do not have any eye fitter except one we might recommend polish your eye. This is to guarantee that the shapes we have so meticulously built into your eye for proper fit are not destroyed.

How long should it be before I am used to wearing my new prosthetic?

Most people become accustomed to the wearing of the artificial eye within a few hours and eventually many are not aware of its physical presence after 24 hours.

How long should you wear the artificial eye before removing it for cleaning?

The answer to this common questions varies with each individual. No two people react the same way to the prosthesis. You should discover by trial on how long you can go between cleanings. Wear the prosthesis as long as it does not have material stuck to its front or back surface and it is still comfortable. Our principle is simple. “Don’t bother it unless it bothers you”.

After some experience you may be able to anticipate discomfort and clean the prosthesis just before it would begin to cause trouble.

Many of our patients wear their prosthesis for six months to a full year without removal for cleaning. It is important to re-evaluate and polish the prosthesis once a year.

Only a few of our patients need to remove the eye(s) once each day for cleaning. A few remove and wash them in the morning and in the evening. Perhaps only one in many hundreds find it necessary to take the prosthesis out during sleep.