Sometimes eye lubricating drops are needed. The majority of our patient do not need to use special lubrication when they have been fitted by the Modified Impression Method.

However, a small percentage of artificial eye wearers have fewer tears than normal in such cases there is considerable friction as the eyelids open and close, rubbing against the hard plastic surface. This can cause discomfort and enough disturbance of the eyelid tissues to give infection an easy start. Those patients with lack of tears in their eye sockets, “whose eyelid close completely” when they blink and when they sleep can use aqueous lubricating solutions such as Tears Renewed or Mineral Oil. There are several brands in the drug stores, which may be tried . It is not possible to make specific recommendation because personal reactions to each individual varies so much. Lubricant which is very helpful to one person is often irritating or otherwise objectionable to other persons. Each eye wearer must discover for himself which lubricant is most helpful.

For dry eye sockets where eyelids do not close during sleep, oily lubricants are needed because aqueous solution evaporate and form hard dry film across the front of the eyes which become irritating during blinking.

Your ophthalmologist will need to prescribe other specials drops for infections, allergies, etc.