Michael Boyd, Accredited Ocularist

Specialized in High Quality Eye Prosthetic since 1980


When a person learns that it is necessary to have an eye removed, or for parents whose child lost an eye(s) or born with undeveloped eye(s) the news can be traumatic. As an Ocularist with over 36 years of experience, I understand the great concern and time it will take to adjust, as well as the greater concern about their image and comfort. That is why I meticulously fit and paint each prosthesis to match its companion eye. Our goal and mission is to provide a service that is based on honesty and integrity of our work. We make sure our patients are treated with respect, dignity, compassion, and understand their health care needs.

Our services offered:

* Free Evaluations
* Custom made artificial eye (can be made the same day)
* Corneal Scleral Shell (ocular prosthesis that fits over a blind eye)
* Custom made conformers
* Surgical custom conformers
* Refit and Adjustment (adjustments of current prosthesis is to obtain optimal comfort)
* Polishes and Cleanings

Tel: 1-336-228-1403
Address : 1736 Maple Avenue Burlington North Carolina USA
Clinic Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Specialized High Quality Eye Prosthetic Since 1980
Eye Care in Burlington North Carolina USA