• Free Evaluations
  • Custom made artificial eye (can be made the same day)
  • Corneal Scleral Shell (ocular prosthesis that fits over a blind eye)
  • Custom made conformers
  • Surgical custom conformers
  • Refit and Adjustment (adjustments of current prosthesis is to obtain optimal comfort)
  • Polishes and Cleanings


We hope this information will be helpful in planning your appointment with us. Payment can be made by cash or check, and for your convenience we also accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card. Alamance Eye Prosthetics Inc. is now offering financial assistance with Care Credit. Please call us for more information Tel. 336-228-1403

Please bring your insurance card and referring doctor information on your appointment so we can process your claim correctly and in timely manner.


In general, artificial eyes are covered by Insurance and most plans do not consider them to be a cosmetic device. Since Alamance Eye Prosthetics Inc. is not a provider with most insurance, it is the patient’s responsibility to get the required information to our staff for the purpose of researching coverage and benefits prior to your appointment. Once the prosthetic is made, we file your insurance claim for you.


Alamance Eye Prosthetics, Inc. does not automatically accept assignment on Medicare patients.

Medicare covers prosthetic eyes and related services. Before the fitting of your prosthesis, a letter of medical necessity is required from your referring doctors. This referral can be in the form of a written prescription or a letter requesting the service. If you have an HMO Medicare policy, you will need to have your Primary Care Physician request an OUT-OF–NETWORK referral to our office for the service requested. The authorization needs to be completed and in the provider’s office before work begins. If your physician has any question regarding this referral, please have them call our office at 336-228-1403. Or email us at aepi@att.net

Medicare pays 80% of their allowed charges and your supplement (if you have one) will pay the remaining 20% of Medicare’s allowed charges. On a non-assignment claim, the Patient is responsible for all charges and fees.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please call our office at 336-228-1403 and we will be happy to answer and assist you any way we can.

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