An unfortunate situation a very positive one
Thank you so much for making my prosthetic eye. It is amazing how natural it looks and feels. The process was so interesting and the result is fantastic. Even the people who know I have lost my eye don’t notice my prosthetic eye until I bring it to their attention. It’s so natural they forget!, that say a lot about your work. I am so thankful for your talent and that we were referred to you. You have helped an unfortunate situation a very positive one. Again, many thank to you! -- Randy Bentley

Michael has provide me with peace of mind
In December of 1992, I lost my eyesight in violent explosion. The damage was very severe; my eyes were pretty much destroyed. They asked me at the hospital if I had any thoughts about having plastic surgery. My thoughts about plastic surgery were, plastic surgery was for vain people. However, over time I developed an infection in my left eye, or what remained of my left eye. Because my wife worked at Duke Hospital, she was in a position for knowing who the best eye surgeons. I selected the best eye surgeon and got on the waiting list to be seen by Dr. Jonathan Dutton.

Dr. Dutton gave me a sense of assurance that once all was done, no one would know my eyes had ever been destroyed. Dr. Dutton told me that he knew someone who could make me a set of artificial eyes and no one would be able to tell I was not born with them. He told me the man he was referring me is someone who had the talent to make eyes that could move back and forth and up and down. I would be able to roll my eyes, even cross my eyes and no one would be able to tell they were not my natural eyes. I had the surgery to remove my damaged eyes, it was frightening, but I had the surgery. When the swelling had gone down, I went to see the man that Dr. Dutton had recommended to me. That man was Michael Boyd. You could call him Michael Angelo for the talent he has in his fingertips, but I think he is satisfied to be called Michael Boyd. He is not out to paint the Sistine Chapel, he’s out to fool the world with his handiwork, which he does very well.

Michael took my eleventh grade high school picture; put it under strong magnification to see what my natural eyes looked like. He duplicated the eyes in the picture when painting my custom made artificial eye. The only problem I have with his work is convincing people that they are not real eyes. About 2 to 3 months ago, I was at department store and a lady looked in my eyes and said “you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.”

Those were the exact words I used to hear people say to my mother when I was a small child. I have every confidence in Michael, in his talent, in his handiwork and to me it is phenomenal. I am so thankful that I was referred to Michael Boyd instead of someone else. I have no other words to convey the gratitude I have for such an individual who has been able to provide me with confidence to go out in the world and not look like a freak, as a blind person in sometime viewed. I can go out in public, put my sun glasses in my pocket, pay at the checkout, walk my wife to the car and no one knows that I am blind. I am at loss for words of adulation that would be adequate to express my feelings. William Shakespeare probably could not describe how much it has mean to have someone like Michael, who has provide me with peace of mind.

All I can say is Thank you Michael

-- Sammy Stroud

He is an incredible artist and the best “eye maker” in the world
When I saw the black spots flowing in my right eye, falling like rain and then forming a solid bullet-like shape, I knew something was not right. An ophthalmologist diagnosed me with Coats Disease, a rare eye disease in which the veins at the back of the eye become twisted and leak and weaken the retina. There is no cure. After three surgeries to keep my sight in this eye by reattaching the retina which had torn loose, my eye was a mess. It was damaged and bruised and very hard to look at by those who saw me. I was terribly embarrassed and didn’t want to go out of my house. One of my doctors told me about an ocularist named Michael Boyd. They said he could make me a sclera shell to cover my eye and make me look normal again. He had just moved to Graham, North Carolina after being trained by the best custom “eye maker” in the world. I went to see him and three days later I walked out with my new sclera shell. I was ready to live again. I could look normal and continue my life. What a miracle! However, my right eye continued to deteriorate so Michael had to adjust the thickness of my sclera shell several times so it would fit properly. Finally my eye had to be removed about a year later. After surgery to replace it with a new type of implant, Michael made me a new beautiful matching eye (another sclera shell). Now I was set. I could live a normal life, with most people not even noticing any difference in my eyes. I have adjusted to seeing out of only one eye and with Michaels’ help in making me a matching new eye, I have the same confidence to meet people as I had before all this happened. Ten years later, as the color of my good eye changed, Michael made me another shell to match these color changes. I cannot thank Michael and his competent staff enough for helping me to live a normal life after this tragic loss of my right eye. It really gave me my life back. I highly recommend his services to anyone who has lost an eye. He will help you look normal again. He has become one of my best friends. He is an incredible artist and the best “eye maker” in the world

-- Charlie Brown

I owe that to Mr. Boyd and his excellent creative skills Several years ago
I developed a painful eye condition, ultimately leading to the very difficult decision to have the eye removed. As a physician, who comes into face to face contact with numerous strangers every day at work, the appearance of my new prosthetic was very important to me. As it happened, I had a friend who had a prosthetic eye, and she recommended Michael Boyd to me. Mr. Boyd put me at ease immediately with his calm demeanor and attention to detail. I left his office pleased with the results of the prosthetic he seemed to have conjured up from some powder and water, and then hand painted to match my other eye. However, the real proof of the success of this prosthetic is in the opinion of others. I have worked with several people for up to 2 years (who met me after I already had my prosthetic), who were shocked to learn that I had a “fake eye.” I have never regretted that decision years ago, and I owe that to Mr. Boyd and his excellent creative skills in producing such a realistic and perfectly matching prosthetic.

-- Jonathan Brower, MD

Michael Boyd literally allowed me to continue my life
I guess like most people who loose an eye, after the initial shock wears off your appearance becomes a major issue. Lets face it we are all vain to some degree and our looks affect our life in many significant ways. Michael Boyd literally allowed me to continue my life almost as if I had never had the accident. I lost my eye ten years ago and not one person has ever even known I had a prosthetic eye until I told them! This is in spite of the fact that my eye color is very unique (gold/brown/green) and difficult to reproduce. On top of the wonderful work that Michael does he has also been a wonderful counselor regarding all aspects of dealing with a prosthetic eye. I even called him from the Bahamas an hour before my first scuba dive to check on any eye concerns…no worries. I drive over four hours one way for my appointments and I’m happy to do it! I’m on my second eye and there is only one person who will make the third, Michael Boyd.

-- James W. Noel, Jr.

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